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UH-1H Helicopter Training Mission

In this article, I have collected additional tips for completing a training mission for the UH-1H helicopter.


Download: The mission gives you the minimum skills to control a UH-1H, that you may need to complete missions and story campaigns. Training blocks are provided with text and voice annotations. We recommend that you read the flight operations manual for the module, which is located in the module folder, before proceeding: X:\DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\Uh-1H\Doc\DCS UH-1H Flight Manual_EN.pdf. You will need to complete the following training blocks:
  1. Landing at the airport (“9.5.Landing at the airport” p. 124)
  2. Practice radio navigation:
    1. AN/ARN-83 (“AN/ARN-83 ADF Set.” p. 91)
    2. An/ARC-131 radio station (”7.1.4. AN/ARC-131 FM Radio Set " p. 87)
    3. Navigation radio station AN/ARN-82 ("7.2.1. AN/ARN-82 VHF Navigation Set" p. 90)
  3. Cargo transportation training (“11.1. Sling load usage” p. 140)
  4. Landing on autorotation (“9.7. Autorotation. Practical part” p. 127)
It is recommended to pass blocks in turn, but not necessarily. Set the volume level of "Helmet" to 100%. Good Mood radio station 257 MHz - AN/ARC-51BX #8 Required keyboard shortcuts: External Cargo Indicator on/off: RCtrl + RShift + P External Cargo Autounhook: RCtrl + RShift + K Trimmer reset: LCtrl+T Voice messages are generated in the Yandex Cloud Voice API alyss Testing: RFJack, Frogen


Before starting the mission, I recommend setting up all the necessary keyboard shortcuts, which are described in the briefing, on the joystick or ROCHE buttons. I also added buttons to call the cargo menu \ -> F10 -> F6 and select a specific cargo-buttons F1-F4. Настройка радиостанции ARC-51BX на 8 канал After passing the standard procedure for turning on the radio station ARC-134, you can turn on the music on the radio station ARC-51BX channel No. 8. The music will turn on 25 seconds after you set up the radio station. The volume of the music is adjusted using the volume control. Установление метеорологического направления ветра Don't forget to set the default meteorological wind direction in this mission to 310 degrees — the same as the runway direction.

Landing at the airfield

You need to fly through all the gates and land on the platform. To complicate this block, you can set aside wind with an angle of 90 degrees in the mission settings( by default in this mission) with a speed of up to 5 m/s, the turbulence of 35-40. Or a side wind at an angle of 45 degrees, a speed of 7-10 m/s, and turbulence of 35-40. Настройка сложных погодных условия для посадки

Radio navigation using on-board equipment

When passing this training block, there should be no problems. I tried to show in as much detail as possible with the help of annotations the work with the radio equipment of the UH-1H helicopter.

Sling load usage

The most interesting and at the same time difficult training block. Many of virpil sidestep work with weights. I tried to add a little competitive element to this exercise. My record for delivering 4 loads out of 15 feet in the center and 1 in a radius of 30 feet from the center. During the delivery of goods, I constantly keep in view the readings of the radio altimeter, the airspeed indicator, and the variometer. подъем грузов распределение внимания When lifting the load, the tension must occur at an altitude of 50 feet according to the radio altimeter. This means that you will lift the load correctly-vertically, without shifting back and forth or to the side. To complicate the task, you can change the loads to Ammo or the UH-1H suspension to put a lighter weight. Lifting such loads is very easy, but lowering them is very difficult. The vertical speed must be kept to a minimum, otherwise, the loads may be damaged or detonate. Сложные грузы для перевозки DCS

Landing on autorotation

Unfortunately, it was not possible to make all the annotations for this block. But using the available ones, you will be able to master the landing on autorotation and save expensive equipment in difficult situations. A full description of the autorotation process is given in the user manual to the module. Видео на Youtube